At FRESH FLOWER CARGO we specialized in international cargo logistics, with more than 10 years of experience in the floral sector and in the freight shipping by sea and by air.

We offer you a comprehensive door-to-door transportation service, fitted to your needs.

With our load containers you can to take your merchandise to the city of Los Angeles (USA), with the assurance that they will arrive at the agreed times, in the best conditions and at a very competitive price.

We have a professional and experienced team to manage the international transport of your freight products, which will ensure that the cargo arrives in perfect condition.


To be the support to the growth of farms, wholesalers and distributors, offering them a comprehensive transport and logistic service that will solve and satisfy their needs and demands, thus obtaining a relationship of loyalty, human and professional respect.


To be leaders in the logistic services, by being recognized by our professionalism, experience and reliability in the services we provide. Allowing our clients to be more efficient and prominent in their commercial sectors.

International logistics

Our offices are located in Ecuador, and USA, which guarantees the assistance of our work team to follow up with the export process, reducing your logistics costs and improving the service offered.


We are committed to ensure the shipment reaches the final destination within the agreed deadlines and in perfect condition.


We take care of every detail regarding the logistic process of your cargo shipment, from its origin to its final destination, making sure that each step is correctly carried out and to solve promptly any inconvenience that may arise.